Join me for this small group, interactive exploration to put your brilliance front and center.

We’ll start the work for you to lead with your brilliance so that you’re leaning into what your clients already love and what separates you from the crowd.

In three 45-minute sessions with homework and outside preparation, you’ll have more clarity on:

  • Knowing your unique brilliance
  • Owning your brilliance for yourself and your business
  • Leading with your brilliance in all your endeavors

I’ll help you get prepared to learn what your clients feel about working with you, redraft your main messaging, and start to plan for how you’ll put this new perspective into action.

You’ll also have the benefit of learning from others and get their contributions to the work you’re doing.

A private community discussion forum for this group is included in this series, with access for 3 months. I’ll be answering questions in that forum and adding information as needed. All worksheets and handouts will be available on the forum as well.

Let’s get started!